Middle Years Programme Years 4 & 5 (9th/10th)
Middle Years Programme Years 4 & 5 (9th/10th)

  Diploma Programme Years 1 & 2 (11th/12th)

Joey Williams
Algebra I
 Armando Madrigal
 AP Calculus AB
 Mathematics SL
 Mathematics HL

Mathematics are studied in the following sequences:
 9th       10th11th  12th
 Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Math Studies SL
 Geometry     Algebra II Math Studies SL AP Calculus AB or
 Mathematics SL
 Algebra II     AP Statistics or
 Mathematics SL    Mathematics HL
    • To satisfy Diploma Program (DP) requirements, students must take at least one Mathematics class (standard or higher level) at the DP level.  
    • Mathematics must be taken for four years to satisfy state graduation requirements.  
    • It is recommended that a 10th grade student taking Algebra II who is interested in taking IB Mathematics HL should take the Pre-Calculus course during the summer at UTPA or STC.  This math sequence would be:
    •  9th 10th Summer 11th 12th
       Geometry Algebra II Pre-Calculus Mathematics SL Mathematics HL

Computer Science

10th through 12th-grade students may be able to take AP Computer Science Principles with Marc Braden (Rm 124).  This introduction is appropriate for absolute beginners but also allows for those with experience to challenge themselves in new areas.  Students will work collaboratively on:
  • computational thinking, algorithm development, and communication
  • data representation and coding using various languages
  • digital image manipulation, microcontroller implementation, and coding in music
  • manipulating, finding patterns, and making connections with Big Data
  • networking and cybersecurity
The bulk of the curriculum was developed by UTeach and is administered online through Edhesive, with funding and additional resources from Amazon.

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