MYP Humanities Year 4 (9th)

MYP World Geography is a reading and writing intensive course that synthesizes the demands of the Texas Education Agency’s TEKS, as well as the standards of the International Baccalaureate’s MYP Humanities Program. In order to reach these standards, your student will be engaged in active learning through personal research throughout the year. Emphasis will be placed on problem-solving within the context of real-world geographic issues. As such, the study of geography will focus upon the results of our interaction with the physical world, and the way in which such interactions both effect as well as create the various economic, political, and cultural regions of the world. In addition, the concepts of interdependence and globalization will take center stage within this course. In order to create “21st century learners,” your student will be expected utilize a variety of technologies in completing their coursework. It is important that students approach technology as a tool rather than a toy in order to succeed in today’s world. I look forward to a productive and interesting year with your student.

Please open the file below for the complete syllabus.

To see the complete rubric open the file below.  The rubric is the set of criteria prescribed by IB to be used in the evaluation of student work, resulting in an MYP grade.  For particular assignments, a selection of criteria are use to generate a task-specific rubric, which includes wording more suitable to the task.

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