Middle Years Program (MYP)

The IB program is a rigorous program presenting students with challenging courses across eight subject areas. Therefore, all teachers and all courses set high expectations for our Middle Years students.  The preparation students receive in the MYP will equip them to successfully enter the Diploma Programme in 11th grade.
1. All students will take six IB-centered classes—Our campus offers the eight subject areas of the MYP, but requires students to take only six.  The six required courses are Language and Literature (English), Language Acquisition (Spanish or French), Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, and Design.  Students may take MYP Physical Education, or earn PE credit through athletic participation at the home campus. Fine arts credit may be earned through MYP arts or through participation in band, choir, or orchestra at the home campus. In order for all students to have experience with IB arts, all sophomores are required to take one semester of either MYP visual arts or MYP theater.  Due to MYP requirements along with certain state requirements, it may not be possible for students to take both an athletics course and fine arts course at the home campus, especially during freshman year, but every effort will be made to ensure that at least one of these courses can fit into the schedule.
2. For each course, students have minimum required tasks to complete in order to obtain an IB grade at the end of the course.  Each type of task for each course has its own requirements and specified deadline.  Specifics on the tasks for each course can be found in the publication "The Middle Years Programme" below.
3. The students research, report, and present on their personal project of 3000-4000 words, beginning the end of the freshman year and due in the winter of their sophomore year.  Students will submit a product, a process journal, and a written report for the personal project.  They will have a faculty mentor who will offer suggestions and assess the project based on established criteria and deadlines. Public presentations of the personal project take place in the spring of the sophomore year.  For more information about the Personal Project for 10th grade (Year 5) students, please click here. 

4. Each student has 10 community & service activities to complete during the two-year Middle Years programme (5 during freshman year and 5 during the sophomore year).


 9th Grade Curriculum Map 10th Grade Curriculum Map Interdisciplinary Units

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