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Damariz Damken (Nu, Class of 2015) enjoying breakfast with the U.S. Ambassador to Italy in Florence.

Annie Jones is a 2007 IB graduate (Epsilon Class).  Read more about Annie's appointment here.
Daniella Diaz [Theta, Class of 2010], former Monitor reporter, recently made Huffington Post's "40 Under 40: Latinos in American Politics" list. The 23-year-old McAllen native is a digital producer for CNN's digital team in politics. After leaving The Monitor in 2014 she worked for POLITICO as part of its web team before moving over to CNN earlier this year.  
Source:  The Monitor

Daniella Diaz (CNN): A proud Mexican-American from McAllen, Texas, this year Diaz made the jump from working on the web team at POLITICO to becoming a digital producer for CNN's acclaimed politics digital team. And she's only 23 years old. A consummate millennial, look for her political memes and such on Twitter.                        
Source:  huffingtonpost.com
9-22 Daniella Diaz
Olmo Maldonado, founder of Code RGV, is a graduate of the Alpha Class of 2003.  He received a major grant from the Texas Workforce Commission to bring his program on software development to light.  Read about his exciting program here.
Source:  MyMonitorNews.com

Aggie Doc dedicates his life to healing children and their communities through medicine

Source: Vital Record